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KallOut Product Tour
Search is trapped inside the browser. KallOut sets it free. Watch the video and learn more.
Search smarter with BestGuess™
The BestGuess system intelligently matches your selection with the most relevant KallOut choices whenever you select a term. KallOut places BestGuess suggestions at the top of the context menu for easy access. If you are unsure about a topic, there is a good chance that BestGuess will point you in the right direction.
  • Over 60 million terms (and counting) have been pre-trained with BestGuess suggestions
  • Enjoy the serendipity of finding great content from suggested sites you don't normally visit
  • BestGuesses are constantly re-ranked based on the wisdom of crowds
Stay focused with Results in Context
KallOut displays search results adjacent to your selected search term in floating information palettes. Seeing your results in context, instead of opening a new window, avoids the disruption of constantly switching between applications. This "adjacent in space, rather than stacked in time" approach to information display is based on research by Edward Tufte and others who focus on optimizing data comprehension.
  • Avoid the disruption of opening a full browser window every time you want to search
  • Access the search results you need right next to where you need them
  • Search while you read or write without losing your place on the page
Bring the web's best content with you
Today, search is trapped inside the browser. KallOut sets search free to work alongside you in all of your favorite applications. Now you can enjoy the the web's richness anytime the urge to search hits you. Just select text and you're done.
  • Read Wikipedia articles, watch YouTube videos, view Flickr photos, etc. all without opening a browser
  • Seamlessly integrate the top sites on the web into the apps you use the most
  • Simply select text to discover the power of "Information at Your Fingertips"
Find information up to 10x faster
Selection-based search allows you to get results up to 10-times faster than traditional browser-based search. Instead of opening a browser every time you need to search, simply select any word or phrase, hover over the KallOut target and choose the appropriate KallOut menu item.
  • Selection-based search dramatically reduces the number of steps between you and the answers you seek
  • Search in context eliminates the need to copy/paste terms into your default search engine and stops time-wasting typos
  • Invoking search without typing the search term keeps your hand on the mouse and saves you time
Launch the SearchBar to quickly type in searches
While KallOut is a new way to search using only your mouse, you can still invoke a search in KallOut from the keyboard. Simply click the KallOut icon in the tray or hit a custom keyboard shortcut (e.g., Alt+Space) to bring up the SearchBar. This can be useful when the term you wish to search for is not visible inside the document you're working on.
  • Park the SearchBar anywhere on your desktop and keep it open for quick and easy access
  • Customize the SearchBar keyboard shortcut using the Settings dialog
  • Click the SearchBar menu to see what BestGuess suggestions are available
Store KallOuts in the custom Dock
If you have one or more KallOuts open and decide you want to refer back to them later, you can dock them by clicking the minimize button in the KallOut title bar. Doing so, folds them up into the dock which auto-hides itself. To bring them back, simply move the mouse to the top-center of your screen and the dock will come into view allowing you to click the KallOut you want to restore.
  • Minimize one or more KallOuts to the Dock for later review
  • Reveal docked KallOuts by simply mousing up to the top-center of your screen
  • The Dock supports dual-monitors and can be placed at the top of whichever screen you prefer
Application Support
KallOut enhances any web site, Microsoft Office doc and Adobe PDF
Internet Explorer or Firefox
Before KallOut, the only ways to get more out of a web page were to click on publisher designed hyperlinks or launch another tab and perform a search. This new full-page browser window typically covered up what you were reading and required you to remember where you came from. With KallOut, you are in full control of the search process. You have the power to turn any word or phrase into a super-smart hyperlink that opens up the information you want right in the context of the web page you're reading.
  • Select any word or phrase and access additional content without leaving the page
  • Access the latest multi-media content (e.g., videos, photos) that the author left out
  • Increase reading comprehension by quickly researching any new topic you encounter
Reading and processing e-mail requires a certain amount of focus. The last thing you want is to be drawn away by the need to browse the web to learn more about a topic or to find out where to go for a lunch appointment. The beauty of using KallOut inside Outlook is that you can get the extra information you need without slowing down the process of clearing your inbox.
  • Turn any address into a Google Map or Microsoft Virtual Earth Birdseye View
  • Read Wikipedia articles about any company or topic mentioned in an e-mail
  • Discover more about a person's background in LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace
Creating and reviewing documents are some of the most important tasks you perform while using your computer. Whether at work, home or school, the need to process words into compelling content is one of the reasons the personal computer became popular. For the first time, the best of word processing can be combined with the best of web searching by using the power of KallOut's selection-based search system.
  • Watch relevant videos at YouTube and read relevant articles at Wikipedia
  • Look up detailed dictionary definitions
  • Research while you're writing without the need to stop and shift context
Spreadsheets are mostly about numbers so we've designed KallOut to not show any suggestions when your spreadsheet cell contains a number. We do this to stay out of your way while you're cranking through the number crunching part of your spreadsheet work. However, spreadsheets also include text labels such as stock symbols, company names, accounting terms, people's names, etc. Each of these are potential candidates for the power of KallOut.
  • Lightning fast stock comparisons from Google and Yahoo Finance
  • Research company profiles on any stock symbol with Motley Fool
  • Drag content from the KallOut window and drop it right into a spreadsheet
Effectively communicating your thoughts, business proposals, school presentations, etc. requires the best presentation tools and a high degree of skill. The key is to make your points in such a way that your ideas become tangible enough to stick in the minds of your audience. KallOut helps you create compelling PowerPoints because it allows you to reach out and support your points with the best the web has to offer.
  • Illustrate your points with just the right photos from Flickr, PhotoBucket or iStockPhoto
  • Check the latest news about your topic at Google News or the New York Times
  • Research your presentation to ensure your facts are correct
Adobe PDF
The standard way to share a document around the web is by using Adobe's PDF file format. This method ensures an accurate rendering of your document no matter what the recipient's word processing, font selection or printer device might be. This leads to a huge number of documents that are shared and read in PDF format. The advantage KallOut brings to a PDF is that instead of a document hitting your desktop Dead On Arrival, you can select any word or phrase and gain access to compelling content that breathes new life into the author's text.
  • Turn any word or phrase into a chance to learn more
  • Enliven the text of a PDF file with the best content from the web
  • Bring in YouTube videos and Flickr Photos to gain insights the author left out
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