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To accomplish our goals at KallOut, we need talented, creative and driven people.

We believe that you should only choose to work at a place that compensates you with more than a salary, health benefits, profit sharing and stock options. Life is too short to spend it supporting a vision that doesn't inspire you.

The KallOut Way

  1. To deliver the most compelling search experiences for our customers around the world.
  2. To amaze our customers and discourage our competitors with the incredible value that our products offer.
  3. To develop a team of employees that builds each other up, works hard in a family friendly environment and has fun getting the job done.
  4. To achieve profits sufficient to reward our employees, shareholders and partners beyond their expectations.
  5. To manage the business with humility, integrity and grace.

So, What's Next For You

Great employees have many choices about where and for whom they can work. We are a start-up and can't match the salary that some more established companies will be able to pay you. However, if our company culture appeals to you and you'd like to join a team that values the entrepreneurial approach to business, let us know.

We currently need help in the following areas:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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